By Kathy Van Looy

Just came back from an excellent internal training by Tim Edgar on produces thousands of tutorials, invaluable training, inspiration and more to help you get the most out of your software. And all this ONLINE. Tim gave us a short intro, and all who attended agree: this is a great tool to learn new things and develop new skills, whenever and wherever you want.

The site offers tutorials on software from Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and more. There are classes for beginners to experts, you c an learn at your own pace (play, pause, rewind), and you can watch one tutorial at a time, or a whole course. Tim showed us a few short tutorials, and in just one hour, we learned loads of things we didn’t know about Office: extra buttons for shortcuts, tips for a better overview, extra navigation buttons, etc. Next to tutorials on software, there are also “Inspirational Videos” you can watch: documentaries on eg an interactive design studio, a photographer, etc.

So we all agreed this calls for a sequence of group trainings – with a facilitator – around different subjects such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook as well as some inspirational videos.

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