Connected TV

By Céline Mercier  

According to MediaTic, a program that focuses on media news on the Belgian French speaking public radio, traditional TV may die in the future. Why? Because of the competition of the Internet and the rise of web connected TV. Some TV makers fear that they will have to go through the same crisis with the Internet as the one that the traditional media had to go through.

I remember when I first had my own TV. I was a fresher at university and at that time TV was still a major channel to get news and access to the public debate – whether political, economical or cultural. A couple of years later I went abroad for my studies, and lived without a TV (for the first time in my life – apart from the holiday periods). Internet was my main source for research anyway, but I realized then how I didn’t need my television. And I still don’t have one – that makes more than 10 years without a TV!

The people who are most surprised about this are my grandparents – “so how do you follow the news?” They are the generation that experienced the start of television. I think they see me as a kind of hermit, while I often feel like I have never been so overwhelmed with information than ever before. I read the newspapers almost every day (in print or online), I listen to the radio every morning, I have access to the most interesting programmes via podcasts or YouTube, I get instant news via social media –Twitter or Facebook – and basically I am connected with the outside world from dusk till dawn via mobile devices and my laptop that I can take everywhere.

The future of television will definitely be connected, and not only on the Internet, for the coming generations. In a way Internet has already replaced the traditional home TV screen. People now want to watch whatever they want whenever they want. The TV makers that understood this are developing more and more applications like on-demand TV, more interactivity and connection with the web, what is called Connected or Smart TV. Maybe then I’ll go back to watching more TV programmes. Ok, only when I am my grandparents’ age…


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