The PNCycling Team: Climbing for Life

By Kathy Van Looy

On the 3rd September, 2011, 2,499 people will be climbing the Col du Galibier, one of the most beautiful mountains of the French Alps. They are not only doing this for themselves, they are doing this for a great cause; to raise funds for non-profit organizations supporting asthma and cystic fibrosis. Amazingly 20 people currently diagnosed with either one of these diseases will also try to reach the summit to show that they can also practice sports in a responsible way – with the necessary medical guidance, of course.

Amongst the cyclists are 10 Porter Novelli people, two of which are from the Brussels office: Steven Robeyns and Simon Dibb. They have been training for 4 months now, and are really looking forward to climbing the very famous Galibier (climbed twice during the Tour de France this year). They will be accompanied by the Head of the Flemish Government Kris Peeters, previous judo world champion Gella Vandecaveye, singer-songwriter Ozark Henry (the patron of Climbing for Life) and radio presenter Tomas De Soete from Studio Brussel. Tomas will present his morning show from the foot of the mountain on the 2nd September, and on the 3rd September he will climb the mountain himself. To make the trip even more memorable, Ozark Henry will also perform live on Saturday evening. A truly momentous occasion for all.

We wish Steven, Simon and the rest of the team all the best of luck – make us proud!

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