Michael Ramah discusses Toyota's reputation management

Michael Ramah, a partner and director of strategic planning at Porter Novelli, was a guest on PBS’ “Nightly Business Report” on February 9 to discuss how Toyota can repair its image in the midst of its global recall.

In the five-minute segment, Michael indicates that the company needs to move from apology to action and work swiftly to get its cars back on the road. He applauds the decision of Toyota’s President and CEO Akio Toyoda to come to the U.S. to meet with dealers, suppliers and customers to assess the crisis firsthand, and strongly encourages them to leverage social media to establish and maintain engagement with consumers.

Watch the interview below:


Posted by Kathy Van Looy


2 Responses to “Michael Ramah discusses Toyota's reputation management”

  • Wendy:

    Great interview… Very valuable!
    Thanks for sharing 😉

    We should be able to have Danny as as guest in one of our television studio’s in Belgium talking about the use of social media tools in times if crisis.


  • http://twitter.com/ToyotaPR has been busy detailing the n°s of cars getting adjustments in the UK. Doing a great job.

    But one thing they should have done very early is better explain what a “recall” is. These cars are not being scrapped, they are having a minor repair carried out. So the recall is more like a compulsory check-up.

    They could then spend time showing how fast the process is moving forward, making a chart per region perhaps?

    I’d place this info prominently on all their web retail space, so ppl dropping by out of morbid curiosity can leave with concrete facts rather than the sales pitches or lack of information on the current sites.

    This will have been a terrible year for Toyota. But as Ramah says, I also think they will bounce back as they do make better cars in their sectors.

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