We <3 National SP&R Week!!

By Kathy Van Looy

This week is SP&R (Strategic Planning & Research) Week at Porter Novelli Brussels! If you are not a Porter Novelli citizen, you are probably wondering what on earth that means… so let me explain 🙂

Our strength at Porter Novelli lies in our consistent and systematic approach to providing insight-based solutions that differentiate us and our clients in the marketplace. We get there through Compass, our approach to communications planning. Compass empowers us to uncover underlying assumptions about our clients’ needs, identify target audiences we hope to influence and generate the Big Idea that will motivate them to change. And, ultimately, create value – both for our clients and for ourselves.

So what will we be doing exactly?

  • On Tuesday 31 August the PN colleagues will be split into three groups, and each group will be running a PNPoint Insights® session on a specific project for a client. During the session, we develop specific insights about what drives the target group to think and behave in a certain way. The PNPoints Insights® process is our proprietary approach to uncover the key motivators for the target group to help us understand why our target audience does what they do today, in order to help us change what they think/feel/do tomorrow.
  • On Thursday 2 September, the three groups will be running Big It Up sessions during which they will brainstorm and in the end develop “The Big Idea”: a novel, compelling expression of the insight-based strategy that helps us activate the “change” we want in the target’s beliefs and behaviours.

The results of each group will be presented at the next staff meeting in September.

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