Hello world!


I am Teodora, the new intern serving whole-heartedly to Danny and Marta in their fantastic imaginary world called Social Media lab.

Before joining @PNBR5, I was a normal person having a quiet live and enjoyable studies that brought me a lot of travel opportunities and international experience. I studied European Studies and Media in Bulgaria and Germany and I am currently trying to finish my Joint Master Program in International Communications in Milano, Italy.

I’ve been working as a journalist before in EurActive.com for Bulgaria and cafebabel.com. Two weeks since I’ve arrived here and I can say that the climate in Belgium, the food in the office and the social media digging in the Lab transformed me into a rat, so don’t be surprised if you actually hear people referring to me as T-rat. But don’t worry, I actually like it (except the weather) and enjoy it so much so far that I am happy to come in the office on Monday morning. Otherwise the Belgium beer would transform me into alcoholic rat. Yes, there are two things I can’t resist in Brussels – beer and chocolate.

So far, I think you can be happy I am here because finally there is somebody to keep an eye on Danny and Marta and somebody to take and laugh on their funny jokes about my personal relations to Italy and other things from the rat world.

I actually have a blog: Marketing for Dummies that I haven’t many opportunities to update recently since I don’t have internet at home yet but at least you can give me some traffic joy by clicking the link. I will be also contributing to PNBR5 blog so stay tuned. If you need to share something that is not connected to some work you want me to do for you, you can find me in my cosy hole on the 5th floor or @teakosta.


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