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Twitter, a threat to a journalist’s personal brand?

By Christian Remon

Following the debate at BJIT last Thursday, I was surprised by some old-fashioned statements that certain panel members put forward. What struck me the most was that not all communication professionals are convinced of the added value of new media for both journalists and media companies as a brand.

The debate got heated when Pol Deltour, national secretary of the Vlaamse Vereniging van Journalisten, stated that Twitter is a threat to the journalist’s personal brand and a danger for the credibility of the media he is working for. In his eyes, social media changes the way journalists are perceived: as marketers rather than journalists. But haven’t journalists always been marketers? Aren’t we, in fact, all marketers of our personal brand? Like Alain Gerlache, journalist at RTBF, says:  “Journalists are a brand”. They are the face of a media channel! People read newspapers because journalists are writing qualitative articles about topics that interest them in a way that pleases them.

Traditional media shouldn’t worry, good content is still king. But the game has become more complex.  Accept the fact that scoops no longer exist as speed is the new normal in a world where people are 24/7 confronted with an information overload. Have faith in your journalists. They are capable of using the same common sense they use in their stories online! So please, embrace new media as a way to leverage the brand.

Frankly, I can’t possibly think of a better way than to let journalists syndicate the good content they and their colleagues produce and engage in a discussion afterwards. This leads to more active engagement from the audience and helps build long-term relationships with them as a consumer. Rather than fearing new media, journalists and media companies should try to use them strategically to leverage their (personal) brand, build credibility and establish authority.

Just so you know, Reuters’ social media policy embraces the fact that journalists have (a desire for) a personal brand.


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Journalists Do Tweet!

Since the journalists’ community is growing on Twitter, it might be a good idea for us, PR folks, to follow them and consequently build relationships in order to strengthen our pitching efforts.

Finding journalists on Twitter can be quick and easy providing you know where to look. I do 🙂

MediaOnTwitter was the first directory of media outlets and journalists out there. What started as a wiki, later became an online database with more browsing options and features. Not much use for this one in Europe though since it’s very US centered.


Muck Rack categorizes journalist activities on twitter. It not only shows the real-time stream of journalists’ tweets but it also allows you to browse journalists by source (publication) and beats (industry) or view featured journalists by each publication. Another great feature of Muck Rack is the real-time ‘trending’ which gives you an idea of what the media is talking about.


JournalistTweets is a directory of journalists’ tweets powered by Cision’s Media Database. You can browse the tweets by country and in North America also by industry. When it comes to Europe, currently it only contains UK and Swedish journalists but hopefully more countries will be included soon. 

journalist tweet

Another great way to find journalists on Twitter is to use directories. These have different kind of categories in their database but many of them include journalists. Check out Just Tweet It, WeFollow and Twellow for their Journalists/Media resources.

And don’t forget to give your journalist a call or drop an email once in a while. The ‘old school’ methods are still working  😉

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