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Spotlight on…an expat!

We LOVE expat stories, especially from a colleague. So here it is: Lauren Ruth Burge’s expat story!

Despite originally being born in Bath (UK) I have never really considered myself truly British. At the age of four, my family left the UK to move to Singapore for “two years.” Fourteen years later, I left my home in Bangkok to go back to the UK on my own and attend Newcastle University.

So, it’s fair to say I have grown up as an expat, in an expat world and with expat people. All throughout my youth I grew to appreciate international people, places and cultures; with that appreciation came adoration and the ambition to ensure that experience was never lost.

Coming to the Brussels office is quite simply, exciting. I have entered an environment that is international both in the office but also the clients that we work with. Because I grew up in Asia, I am particularly excited to now be branching out into European horizons.

I am constantly learning from the other members of the teams, whether Belgian, Italian, Polish or even English! Each and every single person has welcomed me into their world, detailing amusing anecdotes of their experiences and learning’s, all of which I know will help me to develop in the future.

And so, now I must venture out into the wide world of expat life in Brussels as an individual. Being the capital of the EU, there is already a vast network of international people that must be tapped. Bring it on!