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Porter Novelli Traffic Jam In Pictures!

Dear Guest,

Thank you for attending the Porter Novelli Traffic Jam social event on Sunday, 12 May. We hope you enjoyed the short film, the atmosphere, the entertainment and, of course, the company. We look forward to welcoming you at one of Porter Novelli’s future events!

The PN team


* Please don’t hesitate to contact Yasmina Plas, PR & Marketing Manager at Porter Novelli on should you want high resolution pictures or if Porter Novelli can be of any service. 
* Photos taken by 

PN-14 PN-19 PN-16 PN-21 PN-26 PN-28

PN-4 PN-3 PN-6 PN-7 PN-9 PN-10 PN-11 PN-23 PN-25 PN-26 PN-27 PN-28 PN-153 PN-154 PN-29 PN-32 PN-34 PN-35 PN-39 PN-37 PN-41 PN-42 PN-43 PN-44 PN-45 PN-46 PN-48 PN-50 PN-49 PN-52 PN-51 PN-53 PN-54 PN-55 PN-56 PN-57 PN-59 PN-58 PN-60 PN-61 PN-63 PN-68 PN-66 PN-69 PN-71 PN-72 PN-73 PN-75 PN-74 PN-76 PN-78 PN-77 PN-79 PN-80 PN-83 PN-82 PN-84 PN-86 PN-87

PN-89 PN-88 PN-90 PN-92 PN-94 PN-93 PN-96 PN-100 PN-99 PN-101 PN-102 PN-103 PN-104 PN-106 PN-105 PN-107 PN-108 PN-109 PN-111 PN-114 PN-113 PN-115 PN-117 PN-120 PN-121 PN-122 PN-125 PN-127 PN-126 PN-129 PN-130 PN-131 PN-133 PN-132 PN-135 PN-134 PN-137 PN-136 PN-138 PN-140 PN-139 PN-141 PN-144 PN-143 PN-146 PN-147 PN-149 PN-152 PN-151 PN-154 PN-153