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Meet our new trainee from ‘De School van Lukaku’ !

By Kathy Van Looy

At the end of 2010, the very successful « De School van Lukaku » premiered on Eén.  It was a reality show based on the school that the very famous Belgian football player Romelu Lukaku is attending. Well guess what: we have a new trainee and he’s in Lukaku’s class. That calls for an interview!

Alexandre, tell us who you are in a few sentences

My name is Alexandre Volckaert, I’m 18 years old and I’m doing an internship at Porter Novelli for one month. I enjoy sports, dancing and music. I am currently studying Public Relations at the Sint-Guido-Instituut in Anderlecht, a school that became famous because of the Flemish TV programme ‘De School van Lukaku’.

For the people who haven’t seen the show, what was it about?

It was a reality programme that talked about youngsters of different cultures growing up in the outskirts of Brussels. But it also had a focus on the life of Romelu Lukaku, the very successful, 17-year old football player. The programme was filmed mainly at our school, but also in the homes of some of the youngsters.

What was it like to be filmed day in day out?

It was a very nice experience, and we were treated with a lot of respect. The people from Woestijnvis (the production house) always asked permission before filming, whether that was in class or in someone’s home. Everything was taped once, so there were no rehearsals or retakes – it’s all real.  Like a reality show should be really.

What kind of a person is Romelu?

I’ve known Romelu for 4 years now, and he’s a very nice and friendly guy that plays football in the first division of Anderlecht. I know him better as a friend than as a football player. He has changed quite a lot in these 4 years that I’ve known him. He has become much more mature, but a lot of people forget that he’s only 17. People demand a lot from him, while he lacks experience in certain things.  He tries to combine school and football, which you can appreciate is quite hard. There’s homework, exams, presentations, reports, trainings, competitions abroad, press conferences, etc. Whoever thinks he gets special treatment at school is wrong. He’s a student, just like the rest of us. The only difference is that he’s got a very special talent.

Are you happy about the result of the television show?

I personally feel they’ve made a very nice summary of the school, the youngsters and the professional life of Romelu. The programme gives a view on city life and of the people living that life. A lot of youngsters matured in that period. Emotions, opinions and certain events in life, all put together in a documentary. I was glad I could be a part of it.

What do you hope to learn in the month that you are with us?

I’d like to learn how things work in a company, and how it is structured. I would also like to learn how I can be more organized. This is my final year at high school, and this internship is a good preparation for real life.